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About MerchPunk

Hundreds of new Japanese anime are released each year, and anime fans across the world get to watch it at the same time via streaming platforms (Crunchy, Netflix, Funimation, Youtube, Kiss?!?) But anime merchandise is just available in Japan and is often sold out in days for most popular titles. At MerchPunk, we want to make anime merch available globally when it’s launched in Japan.  

We have crawled dozens of official Japanese anime stores and built the world's largest online store of anime merchandise organized by title and categories with over 1.2 million items. Our database is updated daily and we ship worldwide, so you always have access to the latest merch as soon as it is available in Japan.  

Every anime merch sold on MerchPunk is sold with a digital certificate of authenticity secured on blockchain. . You can access over one million items here.

We believe that the best way to support your favorite anime title and their creators is by buying authentic merchandise directly from creators.  Merchandise purchased on MerchPunk comes with a digital certificate of authenticity with ownership record stored on a public Ethereum blockchain. When you sell this merchandise to another fan, they can be sure that it’s authentic and it’s complete ownership record public. We believe each merch item has a life due to the history of who owned it before. We believe everyone should buy official quality then try and resell, and pass on to the next owner. This marketplace is run to help fans build the ecosystem.